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1. A Feast For The Insane

Crushed by divinity - all hope will fade away; Crawling - mourning, I'll see through your mind; Ignorance and stupidity dwells in you; I refuse to live in a society of ants - your pain heals me; 2000 ...

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2. And Death Remains

The worms will crawl around; Upon the flesh of earth; No paths towards salvation; No more the sun appears at dawn; For eternity; All your gods erased us; Now that fire came; All is lost and death rema...

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3. Awarded The Highest

Non breeding life destroyer; Creator of hollow minds; Still alive and still not punished; For crimes we can't deny; ... to kill the mind inside; Merciless love ensemble; Be born, breed fear and die; P...

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4. Bloodred Harvest

Crawl through frontlines; Reign of fire; Barbed wire kingdom of hatred... Death shall come down; And your shildren's heartbeat dies; Dream that mortal lie ... forever; None shall survive; Bloodred har...

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5. Inferior Life Code

Depraved indulement - animosity; Depopulation - I need to see; Your world is nothing - I curse it all; I won't follow all the lies, I'll despise your fucking life; Inferior life code - supremacy; Cont...

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6. My Black Beloved

I'm the seducer of the weak mankind; I'm the seducer who's bringing death; For I'm Lilith, ladie of ladies; The infernal queen of doom; Come to me, take my hand; Come with me at my castle; For I will ...

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7. World Surgery

How can the blind see that god; Is a mistake of man? Twisted forms of deception; Ruling for years with death at hand. Religious genocide; Preached with made up lies; Pick a number to start your surger...

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