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1. Embrace Thy Befallen Misery

sinner! no goodness waits for you. perish in the flames of hell. no holy pain will ever touch my soul; what i have seen off from the lord's plea for fragile souls to offer them peace; i shall not go t...

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2. Gutted Children Of Faith

gutted.. confessions for the youth to weaken resistance; gutted³.. for a god, his dead slaves; no light of god, i choose madness; gutted children of faith; inside the well of life, poison diseases fo...

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3. Marching Through Waves Of Holy Bloodtide

of the many-venomed earth hell has risen to peneance those of he whom hath; damned us......... waste deep in christian blood; glory in such a path to inflict such dark pain and deny all mercy; conquer...

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4. Purging Purity

hence, i witness the foul, and bereft.... onto which the lord hath blessed, whither the shadow of heavenly light; to the grim taste as purity dies, disgorge thy disease that entombs thy; mind; and swa...

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5. Rejoice In Ancient Wisdom

upon the sacred deception, the throne of a false conception; lies, blood, lies; with eyes to see, the cross does fold to which there is ancient wisdom; truth, will time see the fate of belief; death i...

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6. Salvation Through Infinite Suffering

conceive me a hell in which i shall burn for all time for my crimes; i wear the mark of true defiance in what is holy and pure to god; i wear the mark of misery imposed onto the greatness of evil; i a...

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7. So Far Gone

Let these be words to damn the luminous cause of the tyrannical cross, Without mercy, let the darkness in me show faulted volumes of deceit that; have been enriched; By the lord; and may all men holy ...

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8. Toward Infernal Dominion

they spoke of flames and infamy when spoke of where thou shalt be; toward infernal dominion; toward a voice saying, speaking of the plague that shalt be thrown; what is drawn to see? the hooven throne...

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