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1. Bathe In Flames

Take up your arms warriors of the land; To fight the evil and their plans and scorch them to the bones; Defend your home, whatever it may take; Call upon the aid of the mighty creature of the sky; Mou...

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2. Cabal Of Thieves

We come for blood, all that belongs to you; Surrender both flesh and blood; With shining steel in hand, we will run through you; No escape from the end; With no remorse we'll capture you; Killing men,...

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3. Conjure Of Sacrifice

Take this life in place of those whose lives thats been forsaken; Don't repent for what you think you've done; Live life for yourself and not what they wish for you to become; Rise from your knees; St...

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4. Fiendish Awakening II

Rise from your ashes; Reanimation though hostility; Resurface from your hell; To serve with undying loyalty; A tattered corpse is all that you are; A servant of the darkness; Now unveil your blades an...

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5. Midnight Massacre

I love the looks they make; Upon their faces, cringing and crawling away; Into the night I feast upon the flesh of man; Gripping ripping and gnawing away; Feeling my sanity decay; The moon pierces the...

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6. The Bringers Of Ascending Fire

We are tyrants of power and war; The time to engage is upon us; We must devour this world with unstoppable force; Conquering all who oppose; Resistance of reverence; Will cost you unbearable pain; Exa...

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