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1. Addiction

Addiction; ; i look at you and all i see; a poisoned soul through black-hole-eyes; abused your body for one shot; your lonely heart needs love and cries; stinking assholes fuck your mind; and day by d...

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2. Black Ocean

Black Ocean; ; Don't you see; i need you so much; struggling in vain; just for your tender touch; you slipped right through; my cold wet hand; your body sank; into gloomy sand; slowly gliding after yo...

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3. Blood Wedding

Blood Wedding; ; raindrops hiss like a devilish choir, when the time stopped in silence; i saw the sign of the times, because another church was burning; i'm waithing on my knees, feel the breeze of t...

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4. Distorted Truth

Distorted Truth; ; our mother's milk was guilt and blood, and we are raised in hate; we've lost all values and all hope, all born with the same fate; so here they go again, they say, that history's a ...

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5. Distress Signal

Distress Signal; ; est ist sicher...dass ich es sah; gottes war mir so nah; gefahlt ich habe...den atem des lebens; er ist das licht in dieser danklen welt; nar dammheit versteckt sich; d...

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6. Electrocution

Electrocution; ; i cut my hair and want to pray, here to stay it's not my way; there is a devil in my head, he tells me that i'm really bad; he helps me where i should decide, i'm inhuman, i know it's...

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7. Final Prayer

Final Prayer; ; when i stand before your face; left me alone; gave me no home; lost and lovely with pain; in those nights of hate and hell; scared and feeling abandoned; ...

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8. Hope

Hope; ; what sense is there, in being here; you life's so tough, but you're alone with your fear; the sense of my questions; nobody can tell; my hopes...what i pray for; the answer lies in hell; i fee...

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9. Little Shell

Little Shell; ; you strived so hard, you've done your best; and still it stays that hard; one more attempt onto the rest; you've played all your best cards; you've got no limits, no protection; smiles...

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10. Losing My Life

I feel myself, losing my life; Coming over, over the sea; Never thought, losing my eyes; It's time to come, leaving all behind; I feel myself...losing my life; Nations of hope, sting into my mind; The...

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11. Metempsychosis

Metempsychosis; ; soft as velvet, silk like wings; hard as steel they hit my skin; how much pain this longing brings; to wait for you hurts deep within; hope's a word so long since lost; my heart has ...

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