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1. Brown Tormentor / Unhappy End

Cucumbers,milk,garlic,honey,tomatoes; Cream,chocolate,vodka,melon,potatoes; Eat it my friend,you'll enjoy future feelings; Cork up your asshole and gaze at the celing; Diarrhoea; Private affair; W.C. ...

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2. Dreams

In my dreams I can fly far away; From the fucking reality of life; It's the fool of my own faith; I belive in gun and knife; I walk around the semetary; Looking for a victim of my obsession; And cold ...

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3. Eternal Questions Of Existence

Run away from hell; Please,excuse my smell; Listen,now I'm dead; Fuck my if I sad; [CHORUS:]; Why; You have to give; You've to forgive; You have to live; I can fly around; Pleaced of the ground; I can...

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4. Female Defecation

Every women has; This hole with shit inside; And sometimes she wants; To get it outside; You can read between; The lines and understand; What the paper now; She's reaching with her hand; Brown underwe...

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5. Infected Generation

Had I had a fucking gun; I would shoot your ass and run; I'm already off n'gone; I'm in immigration; Find a reason to relax; Don't you know about sex; 'Dout pretty female legs; 'Dout satisfaction; You...

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6. Pimply Life

Now I just want to sing 'bout life; With our dreams and feelings,truth and lies; With our friends and pretty girls; And you all just can hear how I growl; PIMPLE LIFE; Now our hero it is young guy on ...

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7. Sova

®«­®çì ¯à¨è«  ­¥§ ¬¥â­®; ˆ§-§  âãç ¯®ï¢¨« áì «ã­ ; ˆ ¢ ¤ «¥ª¥ ­ ¤ à ¢­¨­®©; Šà¨ª­ã«  £à®¬ª® ᮢ ; [CHORUS:]; A-A A-A A-...

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8. V.I.P.

Lunacy; Sign of death; In your thoughts and dirty eyes; Losing mind; Bloody arms; Your fucking tired veins are incised; Deadly pain; Atrophy; Soon you will suffocate; Cracked brain; Feel like dead; Yo...

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