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1. Empty Out

[chorus]; [g.o.d father part iii]; If its on dun, come with it; No matter what i'm flippin' see this gun that i'm grippin'; I'm about to throw the clip in and; [gambino]; Empty out! reload! air him ou...

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2. Killa Queens

Yeah Yeah, Yeah, grab the pump pump (yeah); It's on we 'bout to thump thump; [NOYD verse]; Well if I jump I feel bad luck upon me; Make me grab my pump and call my Brook-Lyn army; We buy QB to NC; Nig...

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3. Mobb Niggaz

[Prodigy talking]; Don't stop, ya heard (Mobb Niggaz...); Fuck that nigga's story... Everday, all day, all night (it's goin down, right now); all mornin (Mobb Niggaz...) all afternoon; We here nigga (...

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