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1. Cerebral Atrophy

Cerebral Atrophy; Discombobulation, thought patterns inconsistent; Brain cells diminishing day by day; Knowledge not your strong suit; Your mind has been on vacation once again; Memories hard to come ...

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2. Effusion Of Dementia

Effusion Of Dementia; Perceived notions, voluntary insanity; Guilty conscience, I don’t know what’s become of me; Narcissistic, longing for supremacy; Paranoia, this world has become my enemy; Despera...

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3. Infectious Defilement

Infectious Defilement; Years of decay, attribute to torment; Physical pain is a sigh of relief; Your body is poisoned, with your own infection; Paranoia won’t let you sleep; Dehydrated, famished, mass...

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4. Secluded Perversions

Secluded Perversions; Dementia... as impure thoughts run rampant through me; Solitude... my only means of self-defense penetrated; Cerebral... mental suicide becomes a necessity; Instinct... molesting...

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5. Subliminal Injection

Subliminal Injection; Curators of terror, inflicting panic upon the masses; This man-made evil is lurking everywhere; It’s found in every home, this nation’s own worst enemy; And it’s got all of our c...

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6. The Architects Of Fear

The Architects Of Fear; Signs of the apocalypse; Produce a common enemy; Inherent on destruction; Desiring total supremacy; A worldwide commotion; Disruption of the earth; Ensuing panic upon all manki...

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7. The Inexorable

The Inexorable; Anxiety... The only word in my vocabulary; Insistent on persuasion of my mind; Medication... Thoughts are soothed with placebo; Drowned in a sea of false reality; When the bottle gets ...

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