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1. Fashion Death

A man was craved for money all the times; And he could do everything for it; But nowdays this bias; Overstepped all lines of decensy; Small creature roamed around the hills; Looked for female in the w...

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2. Inner Comfort

My inner freedom giving me pleasure; I don't need to believe in any god; Phatalism and sceptism are not for me; So, you came in the wrong place; Time to time i'm introvert; I don't care about others l...

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3. Instincts And Desires

I'm cutting by glass, my frozen hands; Scarlet blood blowing up my brains; Organs' movement I'm feeling inside; As if embryo of all filths; Is going to leave my body and body to safe; All, that I coul...

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4. Nervous

How irritable can be people; Silly seemed to me their speeches; The more meeting in these minutes; The more you fill with malice; ( than becomes nervous break off); I damn all everywhere , ready to br...

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5. Nonsense

You are young, but very stupidYou're theft and cheater and scoundrel; You're very lazy and garrulous; I wish to kill you when you're drunk; (And you fat bastard, why do you lie me everytime? You can o...

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6. Pain

Did always pain unpleasant for us? Maybe there's other feelings causing pain? Soul pain caused by love to you, people; And those for whom you feel pity or remorse; This one is mostly powerful and hard...

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7. Real Fear

Not flock of ravens flew together; On piles of decaying bones; At night at circle of fire; Some killers gathered; How many clothes and faces; From churches and prisons; They gathered for great war; He...

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8. Tapiola

In Suomi's lands , on the glades of Kalevala; Where the dark waters of Tuonela flows; Where great legends and heroes lived; Where coniferous woods of Tapiola spread; Inpassable forests of Tapiola; Whe...

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9. The Exit

now or exit! Standing before the face of death; Cannot admit; that (more then everything else); you afraid of it; and later what ever you think and tell, this moment you (almostly); posses...

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10. Whom Does It Care

Whom does it care: my destiny and me? Whom does it care: what do I need? Who told that I'm handsome, clever, and a person? You made a mistake - it's all not logically; What can you found in me, fools?...

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It sit near a screen; In a world wound web; As a unconsciousness slave; With an animal inside; He thought he would; But his mind - was weak; The World guides him -; And become the virtual; For moral u...

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