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1. A Silent Ending

A silent ending; Then you were gone; I never had the chance to tell you how i felt inside this feeling incomplete; Like the time i fell so madly in love kept these 3 words from coming out and revealin...

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2. Believe In Me

Believe In Me; We are, head over heels wit this new life that sits in our hearts, and i'm giving you everything and trying my hardest to be what you need in a time that has come unexpectedly. Believe ...

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3. Beyond The Tears

Beyond The Tears; I wake to fear to see the thought of you lie there; far away, so far away from here; on this day I dress for you kneel pray; silence surrounds me patience fades away; Go Away to see ...

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4. Deepest Need

Deepest Need; After all this time i see its getting harder just to breathe i know i should leave here but where do i go. Sitting here just waiting for the day someone with papers comes up to me and sa...

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5. Finding Reasons

Finding Reasons; Every time you find happiness; it seems to find a way to bring pain in the end; searching for something to stay; looking for answers to make up for these days; and it seems it's only ...

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6. Just Like You

You sit there, And the only thing thats running through your mind is the words that Im writing, Appearance of the band and the melody biting. What you are, Is much more than what Im able to take in be...

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7. So Much Between Us

Here Im calling your name and its perfectly clear, Nobody knows the emptiness, inside thats caused by the distance between, Me and my girl, these times pass so fast. ; You, hear the sound, of everyone...

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8. The Call (no More Crying)

The Call (No More Crying); Here the call, I run to the room where she's lying on the floor. Spent by pills in an effort to let go to speak louder than her voice; A picture of this world without beauty...

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