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1. Hatred Emerges

In tile of darkness; the power of war arise. Out from the shadow; striving to own tomorrow. Driven onwards by powers unknown, in search for glory they enter the warzone. ; In this raging no-mans-land;...

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2. 522 666

From an unknown galaxy; millions of solaryears away, we came to your earth; with technology unknown to you. ; From beyond the stars we came. Human race had met its superior. Defended you with simple w...

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3. Battletank No. 1

Nothing can harm me; As I moul you down with me; Battletank in furious revenge. You can not escape from me; As I blow your shelters away; with my blazing death machinery. ; Battletank No.1; will not l...

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4. Charging Against You

These years of your ignorant threats; has now reached it's end. Furiously I raise my arms; in sign of total war. Nuclear launches are on it's way, they will pulverize you into dust. Divisions of panza...

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5. Cyborgnetic Supermind

A new lifeform is born. A creation of science; with a digital mind; and muscles of steel. It soon gains control. ; The new order is soon to begin. An order of enslaved mankind; and a cyborgnetic super...

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6. Desolated Creation

Remains of human life ! Death, misery and unfertility. Products of an intellignet lifeform ! Mutations, desolations and radioactivity. ; Among the rest of the technological failure, the fragments of c...

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7. Die In Fire

When horny flames begins to rise; To burn your flesh and bone; That's when you realize you've never; Been so scared and alone; You start to cry you're gonna die; So pray for all your sins; The flames ...

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8. In The Ashes Of Civilization

I walk through; the ashes of civilization. I do behold; my world of great attraction. ; Some survivors escaped this planet; for a new life on the space colony. But most people stayed; in my world of m...

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9. Machinegunnery Of Doom

We advance throughout the fields. Death and destruction leaved, behind our backs. ; Attacking our enemy; with power of hatred. Our furious attacks; leaves no trace of life. ; Machinegunnery of doom; w...

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10. Mayhemic Destruction

Like a cyclone I'm invading the warzone. Raping, ripping ans slashing. Invading with pleasure but for you I am pain. Tormenting, tearing and hacking. Total devastation and utter death. When I am done ...

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11. Terrorsquad

Battlestorm assault from hell. Helldivisions, destroyers of all. Conquer the lesser races, destroy all in sight. All life suffer all life end, the earth laid in ruins; when this final war wil end. ; T...

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