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1. Cold Feelings

It is so cold; Cemetery of your thoughts is growing; Lost between great ideas; You give your head to dreams; Words as stones fall into emptiness; Look above the figures from ashes; Look above the torc...

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2. Fascination Of Darkness

I will paint the night with thousands of colors; With thousands of signs I will show you the way; Don?t fear pass the gateways of tangibility; Drown deep in a transitory moment; Watch the spectacle th...

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3. Illusory Words Of Goodbye

Above the black crystal of the night the stars are sparkling; Under the breathe of wind humming fearfully; I hear the mourning psalms of saying goodbye; In a steal void of heaven there is a gloom of d...

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4. No Dreams Undreamt

There is no place for reason; In a nostalgic drowse; Wind takes small laments away; The carried song dances with echoes; Is it a dream or illusion; Staring at my side; The awakening never comes; The a...

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5. Pit Of Silence

Stoned are my dreams in a bowl sculptured in ice; Looking for resting and begging the crimson of hell; My heart still unsaturated; It wants to penetrate everything up to pain; Fluttering with wind; Th...

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6. Second Face

What is true? What is illusory? Where the dream ends? When reality starts? You sucked the sun from my sky; You stole the light from above my head; You come to me in the deepest night; You come to me i...

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7. The Symbols

One two the sky is blue; Three four the absolutely horror; Five six the many tricks; Seven eight you want to hate; Nine ten give me your hand; One two i see you; Three four life no more; Five six beli...

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8. Verse Of Mysticism

Infinity stands before me; Space reaches the limits of knowledge; It?s not time to say goodbye; It?s not time to get embraced by death; Fire blooms with desire; Flashes in insane prelude; Every tear m...

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