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1. Awaking The Gods

Grasp eternity; Feel the starting of a world... supreme! Unleash your mind; And gain the state of a man... divine! Certainty at last; That you are like no other ever was; Just prepare to emerge; Awaki...

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2. Carnival Curse

Spin, spin! Turn around; A head rolling, hitting the ground; Heat! Lights! A crowd and a masque; A madman in joyful disguise; Red nose, a swelling, a snot; A vomit of color and blood; Laugh, dance, a ...

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3. Parasite (Symbiotic)

How can you destroy something, you don't fully understand? If you want to banish your demons, you must first; Become one with them; Feel my breath; The odor of your death; As night crawls inside your ...

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4. Rain

I'm running dry of tears to cry; With clouded eyes, I gaze upon the stars; There is no brightness and there is no light; A darkened sky to match my heart; I look upon to the blurry skies; But stars wo...

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5. Reach The Stars

Have you heard the silence of stars? Whispering signs into your ears; Have you heard the songs of time? Awakening your fears; Don't you wonder what's beyond our eyes? Gazing eagerly to catch one grasp...

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6. The Curtain That Will Never Fall

Shivering down your spine; Awareness comes to life; Like opening eyes anew; This world is so demented to you; Can you feel it once again? Pouring now throughout your brain; See how far we have come; N...

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