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1. All 41

Ready to; Fight for you; Got your back; Pickin up the slack; Ready to go into the line of fire; Ready to set myself on fire; Ready to do anything; Possession of friends is a precious thing; If you're ...

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2. Crack Squad

Seems like all the world is burning down; Officer America - The Crown; Street is all around; One two - You know it's true; I'm on fire and so are you; Crack squad on the way; Multiplying every day; Su...

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3. Detox Television

It's DTTV; I got no beer in me; I start to D.T. This show is so cheesy; I'm feelin so bad; This program's makin me mad; I wish that I had; A beer - that would make me glad; It's DTTV here at noon; I'm...

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4. East Coast Rising

Atlantic swellin up; Crash on the sand like a super-nova; Fillin up my heart the cup; Never stopping, running over; So many cities crushed together; I-95 and a coastal tether; New Orleans up to Boston...

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5. Feelin' Lucky, Punk?

It don't mean shit; To me or you; That punk rock ain't; Ain't nothing new; I'm not the kind; To go defend; My beliefs; 'Cause of a dying trend; It's just something; We always knew; And not because; It...

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6. In Decay

Burned out buildings; Riots in tha streets; Peace is broken at the fault of police; Feelings rise; Cars explode; Crowds swell; Clips unload; Coming through the tear gas with a flare; Rag 'round my fac...

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7. Killing is Contagious

Grim Reaper in a uniform; Die or conform; They'll beat you down with a billy club; Polish their badge off with your blood; There's no accounting for their actions; We come from different factions; Som...

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8. Kings In Disguise

Drink your beer, drink your beer; Drink it on down; Plenty of beer in this god awful town; The decay is decaying; And no one is staying; The neighborhood's been bleached and; The democrats have all be...

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9. Living With Even LES

Second time around the shit gets iller; Livin in a world full of filler; Few are true - the rest are killers; Arsonistic - Burnin down the old way, buildin up a new day; Optimistic - But I'm full of n...

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10. Moonwalk Mafia

You'll find us drinkin on the street; Maybe at the boardwalk in New Orleans' heat; Down by the dock; At the Riverwalk; The tourists all look on in shock; They didn't know this happened in the States; ...

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11. Off The Scope

There's only one thing left; They cannot suck on; Art is commercial trash; And music's long gone; The cash cow can't escape; It's gettin steady rape; The tags up on the wall are the only thing they ca...

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12. Pole Position

They're stickin it to us now that we're almost there; But it's our job to keep the lies out of the breathing air; Are we in a position to pull an insurection; When it's our job to keep; Corruption fro...

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13. Rallying Point

Yar-hoi! Yar-harri-hoi, the urge to destroy! Poison blades and calling out across the open sea; So long; March away singing a fighting song; Off to foriegn soil not to toil; But to war; Doom comes; So...

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14. Rent for Sale

The world is up for sale; You buy and sell it well; You're demonstrating lack; You're smokin social crack; You wanna pay our bail; We're not going up for sale; You wanna buy our strife; To furnish up ...

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15. Set-Up

Set up on the corner with your little booth; Handing out your b.s. pamphlets to the youth; Like no one knows what's really on; I know what's on - it's not your song; I can't take it; You want a donati...

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16. Start It Up

Start it up; Start it up; Start it up; Let's go! Been waitin all my life; Been doin everything right; Been waitin - waitin for you; And now you're here so let's go; Start it up; No one's gonna give us...

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17. Sunday Bombs

Travel into another country and you'll find; Americans aren't looked on so kind; This country was founded upon common need; Now the foundation is common greed; And as the book gets filled; Our neighbo...

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18. You're Late

buildings fall; skie's crawl; earth opens up; politicians cry that the governments corrupt; people scream the end is near; as we meet our fate; and i'm the sucker on hold; cuz i always wait; you're la...

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