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1. As You Go

It's alright; You may leave me if you want to; I'll be alright; Don't let the door opened behind you; Don't let the door hit you as you go; It always got me so restive, honey; When you pretended to sl...

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2. Going Home Without You

It's getting later, I've got to go home; There ain't nothing for me here; Tonight; Going home without you tonight; Now that you have made it clear; What you really want from me; Tonight; I guess that ...

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3. Good Friend, Bad Lover

Good company; Good listener; Good to chat with; Bad at relationships; Intelligent; Good at business; Good with words; Good at understanding; Bad at relationships; Awesome; Great friend; Bad lover

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4. However You Want Me

When I'm along with you; I don't know what to do; I don't know how I should act; You never made it clear; How I should, my dear; Behave next to you; I was counting hard on you; I'll just react to what...

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5. I Couldn't Help Giving a Try

No, I never thought; It would take so long; Storms they come and go; Some do it fast; but some do it so slow; I couldn't help giving a try; Everything's so blurred; Nothing seems to be like seems to s...

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6. It's All About Me

I'm not a refuge; I'm a refugee; I'm not a scape route; I'm a runnaway; I'm not a safe place; I'm a fugitive; I have always been; You know, It's always; All about me, All about me; It's always all abo...

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7. Never Was Enough

All of our best memories; Faded a long time ago for you; But for me... They're still thumping hard on me; And I can't beat the loneliness I've been; Since you left me; Heart of stone again; And once a...

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8. Once Again

Once again you tell me to leave you; and leave you alone; I said I would; You say that time was only a one time thing; But left me wondering when; We'll meet again; Uh, that's the way you go away; Uh,...

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9. Places

I don't know where you've been; Sincerely I don't care; Cause there's plenty of places; I'm planning to take you with me; It's not easy to choose one; We used to tell each other; anywhere will do; As ...

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10. Sister

It's sometime between; The dawn and the morning; It's raining outside; I'm waiting for you; And wondering how it'll feel like; When you come by; Life is a stone; You'll start sculpturing by; I know ho...

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11. Time Bomb

I know you're not here to stay; Cause you told me how bad; You would like to run away; To another city and it's a pity; Cause I'd really like to get to know you; And though I told you; I would be ok; ...

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12. Wedding Dress

I never thought it'd feel so good; Once again to talk to you; After all this long; I felt so good this time; Every wound's a bless; Scars they mold ourselves inside; All of that just cracks my mood; C...

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