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1. All I Ever Wanted

It was all a dream so it seems to me now; How to fall in love into the heavens then floating down; Was it all in my head this premonition? When I look back its hard to tell the difference; Bewteen wha...

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2. Better

You live inside a dream; Everything tastes so sweet; As long as it agrees with how you feel; You're dancing in your sleep; 'Til all the eyes that look at me; awaken your anxieties; You're so afraid, s...

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3. Breathe In Water

Somehow the days and the nights are all the same; I can't tell the time I forget their names; When I am without you; And I'm spinning around like a satellite; With daze in my head I can't abide; When ...

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4. Far Enough

It's on my face; It's in my feelings; The scars that carry on your name; You fold your arms; You don't believe me; You don't like to think you cause me pain; Yet here I am; Your worst creation; A soll...

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5. Hear Me

You gotta be out there; You gotta be somewhere; Wherever you are; I'm waiting; 'Cause there are these nights when; I sing myself to sleep; And I'm hopin' my dreams; Bring you close to me; Are you list...

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6. Real Life Fairytale

You ran around inside my head; When you passed out, I felt dead; And I realized you make me live; And when my world starts to cave in, you jump inside and take my hand; No matter where, you are there;...

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7. Remember (i.o.u.)

When I was a young child; You watched over me; You kept me safe inside your arms; And then you set me free; So I flew away like a bird; Not knowing which way to go; The light you give me inside; It wi...

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8. Shattered Life

This wanting more from me is tearing me, it’s breaking me; But what you want’s not mine to give; I’m your dollar sign, your brand new house, Your product line; When you’re done with me I’m spent. When...

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9. Superman

Thank you God; For this great opportunity; To Share with you exactly how I feel; I'm not well; And I Think that I should tell you; That I think I got the raw end of the deal; Don't get me wrong; 'Caus...

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10. Taken

I can see you standing in the pouring rain; Waiting for changes to carry you away; I can see the light fall from your eyes; As we get lost in the tears of this goodbye; But you can't go farther; Than ...

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