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1. 60 Seconds Of Life

Observing the time which passed you by; It matters no more if you live or die; Flames of love and tears you feel; You cannot escape your own will; Is this your biggest threat? Is this your wish to be ...

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2. Bitter Fact Of Conclusion

Bitter fact of Conclusion; Is there any way for you to compromise? To accept the fact of all those lies; Just let the ignorance beg on its knees; To serve the fact of your bitter kiss; Bitter fact of ...

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3. Death

When sanity is the part where everyone dreams; When love is one's hate and pain full of screams; Then death is the gift won over the man; In thousands of years hunting human klan; Let the generated mi...

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4. Divine Communication

Belied you try to reach closer to the sun; Where final extinction is already done; You see yourself as forever divine; Holding your gun and wearing your god's sign; Violence is forever their true bles...

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5. Involve Synthetic

Increase the existence by shocking god's hole; The future is now in our control; Deny your creator by creating revolt; 'cause our world has already been sold; Who wants to be a part of the history? Wh...

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6. N.E.R.V.

Let high tech rise in full constructive disguise; Neuronic man engine the multiple human machine; Created already with chips implanted inside; Emotions are sold to those who live as a sin; The chaos o...

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7. Re-birth

Chasing the truth; on path of my presence; with hope to become; one with the essence; Instead of my fear; a new dawn is near; 'cause near to perfection; of emotions I steer; I've been reborn

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8. Roots Of Eden

Embracing the shell which closed up your past; while knowing she holds the only truth; Drink the glass of blood-red wine always as the last; wherever black angels hold you around the chest; Wearing fa...

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9. Self Confronting

It died a thousand times in me; You made it worthless with your past; Don't you depend on your memory; I am no longer a man that I used to be; I left the world of imbeciles; I never was your part of l...

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