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Letra da Música Fire de Indic Blue

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Sorry, I can’t control my feelings
I’m lookin’ at you and burnin’ for him
I just can’t stop imagination
See nothing wrong with these sensations
Oh, I just can’t control myself,
Even in my best days.
Even in my best days.

I can’t explain the way that goes my weather
There are always storms, thunders and flames in my heaven
And this fire

Do you still want me?
Hey, keep on movin’, Keep on walkin’
You want to talk, you talk by lookin’
Don’t try to find any relations
The way I hooked you with vibrations
And I just can’t control myself
Even if I turn my way
Even if I turn to grey

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Número de Palavras 97
Número de Letras 627
Intérprete Indic Blue

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