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1. Bird

Bird in a tree; It is on its way; Oh, with no one to blame; Climbing a hill, it is me again; Oh, it's always the same; But on the top we will find love; But oh bird you flew away; On our way we will h...

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2. I Am Haunted

A walk tonight it's not too late; To see the light at your face; I paint the wall up to date; So you can see it's white again; Up and go, yes, we are; Hope your pain soon be gone; A little wait, a lit...

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3. La Femme

And so this is over; You're more than a name to me; Waking shorter; Calling mother; Again; Always getting; Faces me; And so this is over; But you're more than a face to me; The heartache is over; But ...

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4. Lips, Lips, Lips

So it's on; I feel it near; And it is anyway; The darkest streets; Is what I need to claim; Time stands still; And it's without a fear; Of losing it again; Came to see the greatest view; And it is in ...

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5. Melt

Want you; There is more I can say; And I care too; But I came with my sorrows; And everything just went away; From the start; I live with pressure from; But anything just got away; From my heart; Like...

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6. New

The war is just outside my door; And I'm going out to win; My clothes are lying; At the floor; And I'm naked in the wind; I'm carried by a heart of gold; And my mind is set on you; And what is left fo...

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7. Reality Sublime

Under the ground; Everything grows; To be something we gotta know; Capture myself into your eyes; Everything grows; We know; In the sea everything floats; Drifting away, place unknown; Capture myself;...

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8. Somewhere Else

Caught in a minute in a dream that I had; Everything is perfect they're letting go of the past; Stop in the middle with a dream in my head; Living the moment up on the edge; Somewhere else, but you ar...

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