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1. Enchanted Rain

Look deeper in the eye; I've seen the holy light; You, my friend, you could; Step into the other side; Listen to the voices; Falling down into your head; What thing it should be harder; Being alive or...

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2. Fairy's Sorrow

Mysterium tremendum; Ages at the end of the night; An emperor is rising... ; And by carnage he conquers the world; In order to receive the blessing... ; Through whispers he heals the scars deep in the...

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3. Pale Shadow Of Black

Strange never-ending dream; Sleep into my mind; Cover your bleeding hand; The peace you'll never find... ; Always keep the soul; Keep your soul alive; Black and bloody thoughts; They will never die......

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4. Phantasmagoric

Malevolent creations whispering and crawling through the sky; As the darkness falls deeper and deeper; Noiseless atractions coming from below; Faces beyond illusions sinking in a sea of darkness; All ...

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