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1. A.i.m.l.e.s.s

A.I.M.L.E.S.S. ; I Was Standing All Alone In The Rain; With An Intense Feeling Of Being Sane; I Felt A Flame Burn Inside Of Me; Hoping Someone Would Soon Come Set Me Free; But Time Passed On And It Be...

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2. Brain Damaged

Brain Damaged; Play With Fury, Play With Speed; Grinding Rhythms, Wailling Leads; Feed Upon The Things You Bleed; Fast Rock And Roll At Utmost Speeds; Bang Your Heads Up And Down; Throw Your Bodies Al...

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3. Dead Girls (don't Say No)

Dead Girls (Don't Say No); Lived Above A Funeral Home; Late At Night My Mind Would Roam; To All The Thing I Could Be Doing; One Night I Went To Stalk My Prey; The Viewing Was Over There She Lay; Befor...

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4. Dismembered

Dismembered; With Castigation In Middle East; A First Offense Is Not Repeat; Your Arms Dismembered, Hacked Away; A Guilty Verdict, You Now Must Pay; Corrupted Jury, The Trial Goes Fast; A Severed Limb...

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5. Fatal Sin

Fatal Sin; Sometimes You Feel That; Your Mind Is Split In Two; Like With No Direction; And A Nasty Attitude; Death Takes A Stance Now; You Can See It's Gonna Be A Fight; He Comes To You In All Your Da...

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6. Ground Zero

Ground Zero; Burning Demos In Circled Flight; Evil Powers That Shine At Night; Driven On By The Word Of A Brainsick Despots Might; [Chorus:]; Annihilation; Falling Sky; Decimation; Time To Die; War Is...

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7. Justice Sucks

Justice Sucks; Justice Sucks; I Spit On Cops; They Lock Me Up; You're Busted - For What; Possession; Interrogation; Of A Dangerous Substance; I Was Relaxing By The Falls; I Wasn't Hurting Anyone; And ...

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8. Shadowlord

Shadowlord; Voices Talking In The Night; Malevolent Heathen Scum; Never Even Knowing That The Time Has Come To Run; [Chorus:]; Madman - Toying With The Things We Don't Understand; Blindman - Saying Th...

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9. The Gate

Ages ago laid to rest; You don't understand still you must test; Screaming of souls beyond the gate; Cities crumble unleashing of hate; Sacred scriptures ancient finds; Broken bodies twisted minds; Ho...

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10. U.s.s.a

U.S.S.A; Fields Of Freedom Sown With My Blood; Agent Orange Death From Above; C.C.C.P I See Red; P.M.R.C You're Better Off Dead; My Country Tis Of Thee; Sweet Land Of Anarchy; Lost Souls Can't Be Save...

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