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1. Aura

It is late and the grey is closing in; Outside, and the scent is creeping in; Silently, flowing; Awash, awaiting, breathing; Boundless beauty unveils; Beneath an ageless wisdom; Beneath her decaying s...

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2. Catalepsy

Gravity-defying state; Suspended, in trance, downwards; The quiet below overwhelms; The obscurity above overwhelms; Benumb beyond belief; Entranced into relief; In estatic lethargy; Blissful deceit; P...

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3. Dusk Towering Forth

A new dawn beckons; A new day to relinquish; All splendour's flown by; The dusk is nigh; Its presence is vast; It repels the sun, which graciously exits; To stage its death; Onwards and forth; So aliv...

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4. Flooding

Hypnos' paw pressed upon your lips; The mask of terror engraved on your eyelids; Stigmatised by thoughts so unreal; Mercilessly plugged by aching fear; Flooding in red; Bare of faith yet filled with h...

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5. Inertia

Drifting in and out of cognizance, gazing up towards the ceiling of this room; Perception altered, a nothingness so placid and serene; Motionless and grinning she floats right above us, staring downwa...

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6. Lull

Laying embedded; Deprived of sleep; The air is warm; The light red and dim; Awakened, by a whisper, to the smell of the sea; And the dragging of footsteps not far from here; Revenant, they march; Dare...

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7. Neptunian

The waves will drift closer ashore to engulf; The brave and the fearful, the aged and the young; They carry all illusions of beautitude and joy; Slithering through the dirt, from the wellspring into t...

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8. Vernal Trance

Underneath fading gleams of sunlight; Guided by the scent of a morbid spring tide; Summoned on the stairs, so young yet knowing; They wait to heed the call; Curiosity awaken; Libertine, unhallowed cra...

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