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1. Come Back To Me

Cry an everlasting weep; But never losing sleep; Of the dreams that have gone wrong; I'm sure it won't be long before you are here; Oh...before you are here.... ; Pain they say it all takes time; It h...

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2. Fall From Grace

You put my picture in a frame; Ten thousand voices call my name; You were standing here all alone; Painting pictures of a life you call your own; You would never see the light in your way. ; We have t...

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3. Fixing A Broken Heart

There was nothing to say the day she left; Just filled a suitcase full of regrets; I hailed a taxi in rain; Looking for some place to ease the pain, ooh; Then like an answered prayer; I turned around ...

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4. Gentleman Style

GENTLEMAN STYLE; Soft and white,like virgin snow; She's calmly watching my desire grow; The moon is full,wearing a dirty smile. And I cover her body gentleman style. ; Her fragile cobweb surrounds my ...

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5. I Dream Of You

How can I fight; These minutes are long; Tonight these streets echo like; A lover's song; All through the night; I've walked on the dark side of town; Sleep is just promises; Some vague reminder of li...

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6. Kiss Me

Excuse me for staring; Your looks have me blinded; You want to touch me; So don't try to fight it; Kiss me; I'd walk your sweet curves; For days without water; My drink is your lips; Don't you think y...

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7. Lady Rain

There were times when the sky would bring me nothing; Except the smell of the rain at summertime; So I left my window open just to let you come inside; Saying that you'd never leave me was a lie; Well...

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8. Say Goodbye

I wake up in the mornin' and I look into your eyes; When you're lookin' back at me then I know I got you hypnotised; I can see you every day and I know you're not the same; But if you leave me now I k...

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9. Whispers In The Dark

Crying on your mother's pillow; Crying cause of something that you saw; Lie awake alone in your room; Too scared to even look behind your door; But when you're young; Your eyes are oh so sure; All you...

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