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1. (Song Has No Name)

Look around in our little paradise; Taste the innocent fruit; I'll bomb your brain away; There's power of technology; Which'll guard your human way; God is dead - Jesus crucified; And the pope will bu...

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2. Chaos Ego

Hunger, thirst, pain my; Veins; The horizon keeps on; Burning; The wind blows strong; Melodies fall into dust; A fog of sadness checkled; To my lonely skin; All illusions standing still; Raped chaos c...

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3. Forced

[Demo Track]

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4. Games Of A Moonmurder

Good morning Mrs; Sunshine; Have you heard the; Latest news; The moon your; Eternal husband; Died between your; Lies - And my dirty; Truth; Last night I've; Been outside; Waiting for his; Light... The...

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5. Identitt

Mindmelting sorrow - The eyes of the blind - See you; Everytime and everywhere you stay - A part of; Destructed illusions - Praying for your destiny; Your primitive tongue is torn in half - Wintergard...

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6. Mother

Mother - can you hear me cry? Mother - can you feel my pain? Mother - why am I born? Mother - your lonely cries burned in the night; Your worthless flesh will rise one day; You'll suffer for my lust; ...

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7. Nightmares From The Past

Remember; Our chase after criminals has; Been successfull; Here's just another outcast; Which wants to pay; Icy winds blow through the; Streets an voyager; Without an aim; Years ago there was an event...

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8. Plants Of The Bizarre

Whipering - from a part inside; Of you laughing in a dream; Which may be true; Plants - of - the - bizarre; You feel a act of misery; Those gluttonous; Creatures; Are tasting lovely meat; This kind of...

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9. Playing A Game...

[Unreleased Track];

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10. Prisons Of Gore

Bloodred industries; Blue sky; Moving towards my suicide; This is my deathwish; Convicted to you; Deformity of blood; Melting psychopaths; In pieces of plastic; Emotions; Anger and love; For a life wi...

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11. Pseudo Call

Look at the morning sun; A thirteenth month was born; Who wants to play these game? Answer your mission now; Reflection of your mind; Leads me to your grave; Silently your question will; Be answered; ...

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12. Raped By A Stranger

Confusion seems to be your way; My murdering is inconsequential; Close your lovely, lying eyes; Stay bride; I'll guard your last meal; Before your execution; Your treacherous; Dissatisfied face; Will ...

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13. Signs

A lost illusion - hides my dreams; Lay down the curse - of brutality; Darkness shines on filthy thoughts; Programmed to obey - mystic fear; Fear will tear a world a part; Build up by human errors; For...

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14. Stop The Madness

Mistreated decay; Life is born in memories; Maids are buried by ashes; Headless preacher drinkin' their blood; Forget your disgrace; By selling souls to hell; Stop - the - madness; Murders ignored - p...

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15. Stories Enter Controlled Dept.

You are alone... You've stolen the pastense; Out of my life; My aim is to conquer your; Filthy braincells; Show me - Your raw and; Violent reality; Show you - A part of my; Bloodsucking fantasy; Let's...

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16. Symphonies Of Spiritual Cannibalism

Dreaming, living in; A world of horror; Sickness in your brain; Mirrors of agony; Show your own personality; No control about; Your feelings; Listen to a voice; Coming from inside; Symphonies of; Spir...

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17. The Braineliminator


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18. Thinkin' Green - Believe In Grey

Blind identity, trauma contains; Simple crime in brutal murders; Starring in a new existence; Await your obligation... ; Horror surrounds a part of fantasy; Thinking green believe in grey; A chronic i...

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19. You (The Death Ballad)

Psycholic feeling; Sorrow of society; Who made these world? Destruction of me leads; In deep depressions; You left me help my will; I am just too young; Why must I go? Get out of me; I want to change ...

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