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1. All I Had

Wall in front of me; I can't belive; It looks so real; Face that has no face; Erase the place; Where is my hate; Sky falling ove me; Now I cannot see; Stolen from my life; All I had; Life of agony; In...

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2. Burned Out Cells

Liquid that burns inside; Burns everything; Inject the poison in the wound; Distance from truth will take you; Closer to pain; Burned out cells mutilate your brain; Neverending dissaray; Runs through ...

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3. Defray

Pain is all that I can fell; It suffocates my life; 1000 knifes inside my mind; Tearing me apart; Cannot stand this hell no more; Maybe it's a dream; Confusion in my mind; Death I have seen; Blind, ho...

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4. Freedom In Your Mind

Why? they paralyse when there is nothing left today; Fear! erase your mind, hear what yoour mouth will say; Pain! so passionate that burns inside itself; Suffer and suffocate, obey as a slave; Find fr...

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5. Inner Voice

Talk to me, I'm your friend; I'm that voice inside your head; Silent sounds in the night; That wakes you up all the time; I'm your life, I'm your deat; I'm the mirror you look at; Inside your brain, i...

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6. Lifeless (Agony)

Agony is price at the end; It brings you down, burns inside your head; Take a look in what you cannot see; Now be afraid of what you cannot be; Lifeless, feels like you are gone; You want to hold but ...

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7. Reaching For The End

I'm feeling like I'm falling down; My path is full of pain; Feeling for my life they took; Just now I'm not the same; This side of me is my darkest dream; Fear is in my brain; I'm caught in the circle...

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8. World Collapse

New catastrophy; On this earth will be; Erase humanity; To see what there will be; Feel this toxic death; Taking your last breath; Your worst enemy is here; Lifes and all our names will start to disap...

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