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1. Brass Knuckle Abortion

You I despise; Killing the child don't care about you; A brutal attack when the killing is done I'm coming for you; Cunt, bitch, I'll kill that child in you; You won't need to see a doctor; Your snatc...

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2. Desolation

Turning black I see your face burn; There is nothing left for us to give here; So we depart into burning flames; Sinking in the black eternal; Mud worms squirming through our bodies burning; Dead fore...

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3. Ethnic Cleansing

The sole purpose of my existence is to rid the earth of filthy scum, Fucked up races have no pride; I am willing to see what kind of blood it is you bleed. Kill with hate, fall to me, on a cross, you ...

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4. Flesh Enslaved

Filled with hate; Raining down with a fist full of rage; I'll end your fucking life; Fucked and torn left to die; Bathing in blood; Between the lines of fantasy is now your reality; Slowly entombed; C...

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5. In Blasphemous Tongue

Desperate eyes gazing up toward the dimming light; As they bleed in pain begging for me for their holy lives; To be spared speak my name in blasphemous tongue; Die for me, I am the one to give servitu...

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6. Infanticide

Blood excites me; Smell arousing; As I stiffen; To fuck your mouth. Fisting your hole is exciting me. Excretions dripping; Pussy pissing, Cuntlips kissing; Little girl missing. ; Crusty pampers - my c...

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7. Nailed Unmercifully

Heartless are the ones who watch in greed below; Thirsting for his flesh unholy blood to flow; Loving ones will scream, as your nailed and severed skin; Begins to rip and tear; Hordes of sickness begi...

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