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1. Caecus Superstio

Caecus superstio. Illusion of protection; By the power from above, Which can save you, Or ruin if you don't give enough. ; Living or believing; In something not existent, Which helps you, shows the fu...

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2. Chains Of Belief

You are in the chains of belief; You are mesmerized. Thought it will set you free, But you are immobilized. ; Chains of belief have tied you; You cannot move ? you're hypnotized; And it's so useless t...

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3. Conspiracy Theories

Blind. You're blind. They won't let you know. Mind. Your mind is under control. ; You all are living in ignorance; Drowning in the lies, They'll never let you see. They deny the knowledge, Hiding all ...

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4. Cyber Disorder

The same old days, The same boring life. But you've found a place; In which you can dive. ; The absolute power. You play by your own rules, Realize your desire. The cyber ghoul. ; Awake from your drea...

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5. Death Certificate

A grim myriad, a grey kaleidoscope, sterile, contrasting. Born and die, institutionalised, a bleak epitaph, ; an apalogue so sad. ; Cross indexed, cross dissected, Cross referenced, contabescence. Cro...

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6. Dream Slave

In this empty world; The sun is black - never shines, Time is stopped. It seems that you're alone, But get accustomed to darkness; Which surrounds you. ; Do you know what is reality? Now you can see s...

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7. Locked Emotions

This soul is closed for the world, This heart burns in its own fire, These nerves are fragile as a straw, Your world is crying. ; Always keep it in your own; To be hard as stone for all, Hide your fee...

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8. Point Of no Return

You are all young and strong, But your future belongs; To this useless war, And the order is the law. You are going to hell -; And you know it well. Probably no one will; Come home - all will be kille...

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9. Predictor

The one who knows the price of time, One who can tell you when you will die, Look at your future like through the window, See all innermost thoughts and shameful things. ; The predictor, just tell me;...

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10. The Gunslinger

Going through the desert in spite of exhaustion, Target's getting closer but still far from you. Man you haunt for knows the secret of how to; Get to the dark tower - what you strive to do. ; Through ...

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11. The Old Ones

From far above they came here; Through endless time; To reign in the world we live in; And to create the life. ; Perfect Ones - they lived here before us, Time has passed. The Old Ones - their end is ...

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12. Town Of Ghosts

The sea in here has evil breath, The people are infected by strange disease. ; Eternal night, the shadow of fear. It covered this town - the price of deal. ; The town of ghosts, No place for stranger ...

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