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1. A Threat To End Of Life

Curtains down; I exist no more, but I’m alive; Close my eyes, cease to breath; But I can not die; I have thrown this all away; And I’m done inside; But these wires and machines; A threat to end of lif...

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2. Deathsigns

I am sent to eliminate the poor; The weak, the young, the old; I descend from the irony clouds; From the fiery pits of beyond; I lead no shadow, i leave no marks; No one knows that i am here; Before t...

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3. Haunted Be Thy Grave

A final destiny, a revolution; A swansong for religions, the bloodthirst of the dead; It's the boundless power ending; Our mighty lord in chains; A blood-red prophecy of men; Bearing false witness dow...

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4. Post-chaos Sundown

Altars on fire, flames rise above the sky; Smokeclouds, dusthaze, human torches; Rotting corpses among the piles of skulls; Flaws in the souls, the Wrath of God’s begun; Headless children, women witho...

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5. Stained In Blood

I cut your throat; Watch you twisting in pain; Break every bone; Eyes closed and in blood i'm stained; You fail to scream; I ripped off your serpent tongue; I thrust my knife; Through your heart and t...

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