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1. Butterfly

Sleep in my fake Shell; Inside my pod; Trying to fit myself; Waiting to nature outbreak; Something didn't given choice; Blame for no sin; The stigmas was given to me; I'll Break the sacred with insani...

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2. I'm the Lion

I; Crucified your Christ; Consumed the divine; I; Craved my spear; Condemned mankind; Get on your knees; Entreat; My soul as black as coal; I'm the night beyond the stars; The ocean so far; You shall ...

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3. Messenger

Playground of Destruction! Hammer of gods upon us; Lucid light coming through the skies; Consuming ourselves; From inside; The Judgement day; We dug; our own graves; Walking; In Endless; Suffering; Ba...

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4. Spectre Of a Human Mind

Loneliness awakens; Uncontrollable fear; Desire to take it away; Eyeless cannot see; The Beauty of your difference; Fearful disgusting creature; Repugnat existence; Fool; Bag of weirdness; In a mantle...

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5. The strain

The ones that who lives; will gonna turn on; Corrupted by strain; dammned filhty worms; Blood, flesh and bones; drowned in a red blood moon; A reek of death in entire town; No blood remains in human v...

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