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1. Aliens (Her Er Jeg)

You ain't got the bottle; You ain't got the nerve; And you ain't no super model; Ain't no little girl; You've been sitting on the fence; Drinking with your girlfriends; Well, are you gonna let it go? ...

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2. Favela (with Alok)

As the sun rises; She opens up her hazel beautiful eyes and; Begins; Her baby cries; She picks him up and tells him beautiful lies; Again; She come from the favela-la; Hills of Santa Teresa; Underneat...

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3. Forgive or Forget

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ah, ah; Da, da, da, da, da; You keep calling me; Follow me on the internet; Apologies, apologies; I don't want your attention; I don't want you to mention; What we used to be; Ment...

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4. Haloes

Electrified, I circle starlight; I orbit 'round the shadows I find; Inside of me are rivers of gold; It's calling me, it's calling me home; Do you see that? Flickers of light, coloured green right the...

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5. Legion

I am legion; I am more; I am soldier; I am more; I am ocean; I am earth; I am human; I am legion; I am here; I am a warrior, I do not fear; I am daughter; I am sun; I am human; And you are a tiger, so...

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6. Pale Horses

You call me selfish; And I'm irrational; But there's grains of truth in everything I say; You and your fences; No, I can't break them down; I've been waiting for the padlocks to rust away; All is almo...

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7. Remember me

You such a hunter, aren't ya? Trophies on your walls; Big man, all your calls; Big cat, big... mm; You like to bring the thunder; Got no time for the rain; Could write off all the pain; No sayin'; But...

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8. Strongest

You sit there with that look on your face; like you won; Like nothing that I say; is gonna change how you feel now; You sit there and you tell me; you fell outta love; And we are in your way; so you j...

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