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1. My Friend

My friend has a problem; He needs help; He's turning crazy; And I can't make up his mind; My friend; Don't go that way; That's not the way; He can't dream; 'Cause he lost control; And if he still usin...

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2. Nobody Likes Me

I live in my desert; With no people around me; I live in my secret place; My jail, my way to be free; Why carry on living? What is an end without a begining? Nobody likes me; Nobody cares about me; Wh...

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3. Onde Estás

Por vezes à noite; Quando estou só; Olho as estrelas; E nelas vejo; Quão longe estou de ti; Sem poder entrar no teu mundo; Ou tocar os teus cabelos; Beijar teus lábios; Anseio por isso; Há sempre uma ...

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4. One More Name

I wake up in the morning; Before I see yor pretty face; I wish I'd never found you; So, why am I doing this; And if you want; I'll leave you; and if I do; I'll never come here; I had woken up; one mor...

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5. Pleasure

Everytime that I open my eyes; I see your pretty face; It doesn't matter; What the others say; 'Cause you are the one I love; 'Cause you are the one I care for; I want you close to me; Inside a box; D...

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6. Road

The wind in my hair; I'm in a trip and; I see the clouds; High up me; and i feel; just like i'm free; I'm in one way motorway; on this road i've found the sound; of a whisper; I don't say goodbye; I d...

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7. Time

I can't accept; All you want to give me; but I can't leave; without your company; you're a part of myself; we're under the same spell; And we got our love to give; And we got our lives to live; Time; ...

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