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1. All The Good Games

Come clean you can't keep; The truth from me; You look so miserable; The eyes that provide you with; Sight can retell the story; Come close I almost; Have seen the end; Is it your destiny; To sit in f...

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2. Close Catapult

What happened to you, friend; Why such a long look on your face; A face I haven't seen in some years? But I can tell you've been; On course to utter misery; By courting she that bakes your child (oops...

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3. Eight Feet

Time now for a change; Set the sights in range; Blow up every live band venue; Take with me my pride; Pain and stress confide; Belt out every word to strangers; With the noise comes movement; May your...

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4. Foreseeing The Aftermath

I scream at the top of my lungs; Can you hear the hush from my tongue? Red runs down from the ears; Cheek bones get in the way of my tears; Ignorance has a limit before you say never; Good intentions ...

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5. King Of Spades

Shots heard like falling books; The king finally got his looks; All that's left of him now's a fiery grave; A man of silent shame we couldn't save; Tell us what the view is like below; Does it suit yo...

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6. Lampshade

I don't care about your life; What's done is done I found someone else; Where were you when everything was dead inside? I know I'm not supposed to be the one hanging on; At least your keeping warm; Wh...

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7. Like Flaming Globes Of Sigmund

This time you had me going; A makeshift bright idea; Arguably the most infectious thought to ever fear; Cloning the sheep and their lambs; Honing the glitz and the glam; Make sure that I don't retreat...

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8. Mammoth Cave

I'm tired, I'm sleepy, I wanna go to bed; But I can't dream with these nightmares in my head; Social pollution fills my lungs; But I can't tell you how I feel, I speak in tongues; Do you know when you...

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9. Priority Male

All of you are not pretending to fly; Your feet have never left the ground you stand on; Slow dreamers have a subtle tendency to stay; On the sacred land where they were raised; It was a choice you ma...

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10. Quick Decision

You can't hide what you're feeling; I left again without my brothers; Someday you will leave for good; The blame's for me; Down the drain slides unearned income; Long supported by the outside source; ...

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11. Raised On The Dairy

I hold the key to the basement; We're testing your love and your flair; If you're not up for the killing; Then you're not up for the dare; You probably won't stay with us long; We'll be great without ...

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12. Rumor Has It

Someone has lost his way; He can't seem to please the onlookers; They're just waiting for a bite; Will their lure work this time? Rumor has it that they only need; A victim of reasonable attributes; O...

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13. Sinister Man

Summertime and the wind is blowing; I don't know what I'm doing here; It doesn't make any sense! If I stay, will you make me pay for this? Fall's the time and the leaves are changing; I don't know wha...

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14. Soda Pop

I can't tell you how many times; The world had its grip on you; I can't make you understand; What I go through for my love; It's commonly the most; Destructive way to wear someone down; Resistance to ...

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15. Ultraviolet

Woe is me to think that I've had worse than those on street curbs; Bitter air shows uninvited, forcing frowns on faces; Danger your shoulder's mimicked Jack Frost's breath, Thermometers; Read well bel...

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16. Wastoloid

I haven't seen you in years; Have you realized yet you act just like your parents; Walking dead; So strange that we grew up the same way; And you wonder where I went astray; But I don't think that it ...

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