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1. Ain't no Lovin'

Ain't no lovin'; In this God forsaken land; Ain't no lovin'; I'm just a poor old man; She left me in the morning; Never to come back again; Now I'm sitting here with; My guitar in my hand; Ain't no lo...

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2. As I Wither

I wither like an oak with dead roots. Leaves falling of…; Never to return. there is no spring in sight. As i seek suppression and grace, i’m falling down again…; Left behind! rage descended from bitte...

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3. Captivating Solitude

I have been pierced by a deadly thorn; There is no way to undo what's done; My disease, my infection; I am so impure; My release, my redemption; Is there a cure; I'm falling from the righteous path; H...

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4. Caught Within

So there he was again. Standing on the edge of massive cliffs. Longing for separation, longing for release. Yet he is unable to claim liberation. ; Still he is affected by the years from the past. He ...

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5. Circle Of Agony

We have become desolate; We have become blind; Creating disorder, a morbid obsession; We have become heartless; We have become cold; Craving satisfaction, yearning for release; Vanity, voracity, infid...

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6. In Vain - Dark Prophets, Black Hearts

Season of the sick; spreading venom; with their filthy; hands and words of hatred; Dark Propthers,Black Hearts; Leaders without Dedication; Crazed by Greed; Starvation and Downfall; Create the Wake; H...

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7. Sombre Fall, Burdened Winter

In the times of my trial; The days slowly moved along; But nothing ever changed; I struggled to maintain what was left; Tried to find some peace of mind; Days filled with nothing; And no hope in sight...

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