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1. Inscrutable Confusion

In my deepest time of anger; A black vision filled; Ruled every part of me; I did feel an evil danger; Threatening my world my life; And the being i used to be; Im dying million times a day; I never t...

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2. Prophecies Of Chaos

Reality is strangled by insanity; A dreadful disaster, a spread of vanity; Souls in distress, living in cruelty; Prophecies of chaos, shocking humanity; Enthralled by the magic of the enchanting spell...

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3. Storm Of Anger

Buried beneath the fear; Whispers turn into screams; Injustice and violence keep erupting; Bloodshed incessantly caused; Delivered by a storm of anger; Just holding back the roaring tears; Storm! Ange...

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4. The Mental Matrix

When life became nothing but emptiness; The soul withdrew into loneliness; Darkened thoughts spreading nothingness; Mankind prevailed by unconsciousness; Just blindly following impure instincts; Benig...

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