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1. Black Water

Locked in this house I'm just another lost soul; They keep me hided from the men and the world; I tried to look beyond the window, I can't see; My eyes are black and I only can hear the sea; Black wat...

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2. Electroman

Through my body; Through my soul; I feel the pain; Feed the darkness; Feed the evil; Feed the monster with more pain; Electroman; I hate you; I hate you all; You tried to burn me down; Revenge; It's f...

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3. Every Child Is Alone

You are afraid to sleep; Because all of your bad dreams; This wound is an opened eye; For all the evil and my fears; I want to hide, I need to hide; He wants my soul, I need to hide; Is this world a l...

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4. Legion

I bring you fire; And the ashes of the cold world; I am the darkness, I am the disease; We came for your death kiss; I tried to look inside you; You're dead; There's nothing left to cry for; We're all...

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5. Take Your Way Home

I'm lost and I miss you; Can't control my feelings for you; I walk alone in the rain; I'm so far from you in vain; But when the moon rise; My fear touching you; By the moon light; My poison kiss to yo...

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6. The Deal

I'm waiting here alone; There's no more time to save your soul; I want to see you again; That's why I called the evil man; And when you need I come to help; We make a deal, you go to hell; My life to ...

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7. The Witch

Light the torch and let the children cry; This is the time of the unclean; Blood and flesh is to sacrifice; This is the time; Take the knife, don't let the tears dry; I need this fresh pain; You know ...

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8. Under The Bed

I hear you, I feel you... It's been so long; I'm back! For all the past to go on; Whispers and witches we're all the same; From shadows to darkness I came to play; I am afraid and I need to pray; Ther...

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