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1. Feel Nothing

you can bury me down; or you can spit me out; explode my flesh; turn me into hot ash; give me sorrow and pain; let me not cry again; sacrifice my blood; for your hungry god; breaking into the hell or;...

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2. Killing A Friend

Louder are the screams of silent eyes; Tired until your spirit dies; Silver is the knife i hide in my hand; Longing for just killing a friend; Bleeding, bleeding... ; Better fear the words i speak; Wa...

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3. Reject

yeah i see the crime; i got a confused mind; believe in me brothers; our future disappears; the power weaponize; destruction legalised; for only trade of arms; the children burn in flames; the more yo...

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4. Stay Away

Wake up someone killing us; Steal our lives and feeding with our pain; Wake up holy hypnotised; Some powers drinking your blood; Machines smoke through the evening mist; Pulling us to the emptiness of...

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