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1. Eyes Closed

Hey, love, what you doing later? 'Cause I've got a great place to take you; I'll be on, on my best behavior; 'Cause I want you illuminated; There's something 'bout the way your mind works; It might be...

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2. Somebody Like You

[Sergio Calderon, Chance Perez, Drew Ramos]; You get happy when it rains; You could stay awake for days; And ignore the traffic lights; You drink coffee 10: 00 Pm; You think caffeine is your friend; '...

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3. Tonight Belongs To You

I ain't never seen you here before; You look like someone that I wanna know, oh; Looking at what your body waves, oh; Starts to pull me closer; Caught you lookin' into my eyes; And there's a tension t...

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