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1. Afterlife

Howling wind blowing my thoughts; Concepts of a life tough and unfair; Afterlife is a long way to see; Learn all again from the beginning; No more veils of mystery; To blind us and our minds; May the ...

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2. Braveheart

My fate began when they took my faith away; But suddenly a flower rose and stayed; All tears dried; It grew inside my heart; So I believed nothing would tear us apart; Now I know it died; Suffering ki...

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3. Entering The Journey

And here I am; Lost again in this night; This intrinsic sea of doubts and hesitations; Need to know what happens deep in our souls; Wandering; Drowning; Entering the journey

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4. Journey Through The Night

Alone, I enter in the dark night; Lost in the dense clouds; of confuse thoughts; I try to understand the meaning; The dimension of my insanity, my insomnia; Cause when I'm alone at night; I attempt to...

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5. Prisoner Of The Past

Life is passing before your eyes; And you concerned for a future; that will never arrive; Weak in your inertness; Crying your sorrows; Things you forgot to bury in the past; You complain of the life y...

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6. Tearless

Tearless; The leaves are falling; As the breeze blows; Birds singing sadly; A landscape without petals; Only the falling leaves; This is the Autumn of my life; No more tears to cry; Nothing more to la...

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