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1. A Naked Cloud

A naked could was hanging in my sky; Your touch so slippery like a cut; The dream I've dreamt was just a bloody lie; A silent cry caught in the mud; So what happened to my confused mind; No night owl ...

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2. Goodbye

Is there an answer for the things that we do; If so I want it to be brilliant and new; We wore the darkness to preserve our despair; But now it's broken and we're gasping for air; Goodbye, goodbye, go...

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3. My Guardian Angel

Feed my soul; Feed me with a dream; And my flesh will bleed again; Your caress; Your sweet melody; Everything sleeps in your fist; But you are my guardian angel; Falling down to earth; And I always un...

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4. Short Dance

If I dance I will dance with you; And your sweet laughter will lead me through; This fog of our fading years; We have lost our glamorous youth; But we've found another pleasant truth; This life is jus...

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5. Winter

Lay your neck on my shoulder; Then dream a dream of fading past; When the blue sky wears funny faces; And unhappy days run off so fast; I give my holy breath to you; While sultry nights gets cold; Rem...

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