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1. An Ancient World

Reflections of past entwine; With visions of future; Flooding my soul I see; Only images of death; Growing darker longer; Like shadows with the setting sun... An ancient word whispered without sound; ...

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2. Death The Gift (eternal Life)

Death the gift eternal life; To pass through a door unlocked; By a key of immortality; A Quest for thee immortality; No boundaries of the flesh; No limits of the soul; To unharness the mind; And its d...

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3. Des Todes Gruft

Sweet is death whom appears as a lover; Feelings of hate that surge deep within; Storms that bring down mankind; Like roses that wilt upon dawns mask; My worms & flies will devour you whole; Crypts of...

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4. From Misery

SHE...Walks the midnight hours; ...Haunts these ancient woods; ...Bleeds the sacred blood; Moans the hymns of Kassothga; ...Dress like autumn leaves; ...Eyes as black as night; Stalking the lusts insi...

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5. In The Form Of Darkness

Once twilight descends; Shadowing all that remains; In the form of darkness; Vermin prepare for the feast; Once the ancients awaken; Disturbing eternal slumber; In the form of darkness; Silent Voices ...

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6. Legend Of The Well-fiend rot; Unknown...veiled in obscurity; Existance will learn...what it's like; Do you know...what it's like??? Spawned within a cave.... Discharged unto the sea!!!! To the river of ...

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7. Ravenslaughter

Lying dormant in desperation; Alone & bleeding black blood; Concrete cushions my numbmess; Chewing on aluminum foil souls; Colorful memories now stained ashen grey; Corroded machine of sanitys' dusk; ...

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8. Shadows Of Past

A veil of darkness blankets thy awakening senses; Oh guardian of thy shadows slumber; Bare with thee thy shining sword; To cut the veil with an ancient word; Carry the flame of thy inner hearth; Unto ...

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9. This Blood Bestowed

A blood is spilt from this blood a seed; This seed is your lifes blood from the ancient ones; This blood bestowed to instill a strength; To tain in vein you dishonor the ancient ones; All this blood y...

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10. Thy Hourless Season

A time shall come; A time of change; At this time; Great reign shall fall; To cleanse; Of this decay; Thy rot; Thy mother; The flame; Of existence; Blown; Unto rest; By the winds; Of the infinite; All...

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