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1. Adversus Pugna Tenebras

From the depths of mind; Born the fear and pain; A shadow upon your thoughts; Becoming flesh unbounded; Black liquour flying through my veins; Burning ecstasy growing from inside; The human being I wa...

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2. As In Pain As In Shadows

Leaving the world of mortals; I belong to thee; My corruptible body is lifeless; But I feel the same pain inside of me; Heaven is not white; Hell is not fire full; But in the shadows I am; Seems like ...

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3. Celestial

Sensual movements; Illuminate her pride; Dancing like sirens; I can't resist my thirst; Her curves are now my jail; She's an apple envenomed; Smouldering angel; Filthy looks and words; Inviting evil; ...

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4. Even a God Can Die

Slaves, worship me; I'm your god, I'm the light; Wicked winds transport the pain; And the sand will bury your blood; I just kill; Cult of golden dreams; Embalmed in holy blood; Forever and ever; Under...

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5. Her Dying Passion

She wears black; She will get married; But look sad; Seems like a funeral; She knows the true; Her real nature; She can't down it for longer; Needs to satisfy her passion; Her bride is terrified; When...

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6. November Cries

I'm standing in silence; Alone with my sorrow; With sand in my hands; And the cry of november all around; But the sun is not shining for me today; The wind caresses my face; Carrying tears and sighs; ...

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7. Skilled Nihilism

Since human beings arose from the mud; We've been fighting against ourselves; Using the guns god gave to use; From heaven to earth, and from there to the hell; No matter how much lives left on the gro...

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8. Through a Raindrop

I've lost the train of my life; Due observation of others grief; And by the time my environment ruins; I will feel nothing but impotence; A sigh condenses my laments; Falling down to earth through dir...

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