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1. A 1000 Paper Cranes

The morning rises; She finds herself; In the middle of a park; As the city awakes; A peaceful silence; It appears; A little rift within the lute; Too calm, too bright; Then she turns and sees; A secon...

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2. Alienation

Now here I stand in front of a mirror; Cannot escape the gaze of my own figure; Checkinʻ out to hold my own donʻt wanna give up; Revealing just as much as I'm willed to give; But when I try to smile, ...

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3. Another Me

I'm easy-goin', I'm alright today! My mind's a bird and I'm flyin' away; A thousand miles and all there is left to say; I had a good time; Farewell! And day by day I used to roam at night; Along the b...

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4. Choices In Coma

Scratched up and worn out; Your body my imprint of; Choices in coma and; Lecherous lust; Feeding you lessons of; Decent ascension; And tempting your skin; To combust; Your heart is my gate; I trespass...

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5. Empire Of Concrete

Lost and lone; I am king of void crowned by my own; Now I know; All the guns are equal from up close; Trees we used to climb; Girls we had in mind; Ever easy-going through the world; Plans we had in m...

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6. Empty Place

Around the world; A world to me; And yet no home; For you don't see; You compromise; Our legacy; By your actions you'll be known; No commitment to our space of life; The world we see our home to be! N...

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7. Heaven Inside

Hey ? disincentive mind; Stop your dashin' kind! Your spoken word put into effect! It is hard to find; Supporting strength behind; An innocent filled with blame; Let me be! Just tell me? Why-; Would I...

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8. King Of Apathy

Dulce et decorum; Pro patriam mori; Here comes the king of apathy; Let's praise his super majesty; Welcome to the show; You're the only reason for me to be; Need your voice as your choice; Pay you bac...

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9. Lonely

I kept your picture inside a map; I let it frame by all our places; Though you and me never made it back; They were the shelters of my mind; I wonder how did the simple things; Ever get so complicated...

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10. Monuments For Eternity

Borders you have brought into my world; Separating hearts once used to form a pair; Redefining bonds in favour of yourself; Add corners to a circle to straighten up the square; The family you're in ma...

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11. On The Morrow

Your lie supply cannot satisfy all my hunger; For the wisdom in your words; Your soul control is not tight enough to constrain me; To my love of liberty; Wings we've been given need to spread; You got...

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12. The Voodoo Girl

Her skin is white cloth; And she's all sewn apart; And she has many colored pins; Sticking out of her heart; Oh, voodoo girl; The cursed ones we are; Under your spell; I stick to your heart; She has a...

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13. Threatened

They gave me training for superior esteem; They formed me well showed me the ropes; Ignition point is reached; A roar comes out (of) the mean machine; My symbols of success shown on the hood; I have t...

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14. To New Horizons

What if the world was ending tonight? And all the stars burned up in the sky? Would you be scared and run for your life? Or have a last look into my eyes? Come take my hand and watch 'em collide; They...

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