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1. Angel Of Darkness

Angel Of Darkness; "I lost to you, the essence of me; I'm gone in your arms and you won't hear my plea... I give up to you, my last rays of hope; You've bound to you with unbreakable rope... For freed...

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2. Betrayed

Betrayed; Don't cry my love it's over now, I know you'll live again somehow; The day so full of life begun, but now the clouds cover the sun; We've lost ourselves over the time, until today I was so b...

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3. Come Out, Come Out

Come Out, Come Out; Into the dark of the night; As I walk on the road; I hear a voice inside me saying; "You'll never be free, you'll always be mine"; But all that I want is go away; "Don't be afraid ...

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4. Cry For Me

Cry For Me; If I was wrong... you would be full of lies; If I was wrong... You wouldn't cry, nor dream; But now it's done... and I feel so damn-empty; If I was wrong... I wish I was wrong!!! Pray for ...

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5. Fading Light

Fading Light; Creeping fast, nothing will last, this earth condemned to end up bend; In front of you, beyond of you, kneeling down they kiss your crown; You will rule and be so cruel, between the worl...

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6. Forgiven

Forgiven; See the moon up in the sky tonight; Please believe that we will never cry; I cannot forgive myself... I just can't pretend no more; You will take your place among the stars; You shall live i...

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7. In Heaven

In Heaven; Watching you behind a door, standing in the shadow of a dark tree... Looking as you walk away, I am there but you can't see; Don't worry I will keep you safe, I won't let the world come ins...

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8. Lie To Me

Lie To Me; You hurt me, I loved you and I start to weep, Night falls, the stars come out, I go to sleep; Dreaming and wanting and waiting for you; Come to me, close to me, take me with you; There you ...

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9. Life After Death

Life After Death; "Do you still believe... there's life after death..."; Watching myself fade to this death, watching you lie I can't forget; This ain't real so neither it will, can you feel... Can yo...

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10. Thoughts

I thought you were too much for me, the air I'm breathin'; I thought you were the world to me, daydreamin'; I thought you were the one I love, but life is cheating; I wish someday you'll understand, a...

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11. with You

...With You; I sing the words you want to hear; I dream of you when you're not near... I dream of you, your touch, your skin; I feel your breath when you are here... My heaven is with you my dear; My ...

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