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1. Coast Is Clear

There's love in the air; But your feet, they're on the ground; You're running out of time; Guess you'll have to lose to find; Oh it's such a shame, this game; Of hearts and placing blame; On the preva...

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2. Out Of Sight

Sit down; There's something that I wanna say to you; To you; And how long; There's something that I cannot say to you; To you; Where do you go; Where do you hide; Dim the lights; Know there's nothing ...

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3. Silent Treatment

Now I just saw a love; It broke out of you then it broke out of me; For you it's as clear as can be; But all I can think is don't bad things come in threes; Ah; Ah ah; Ah; Ah ah ah ah; Ah ah ah ah; It...

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4. Somebody's Watching You

all you said to me today; oh, you learned in magazines; all that you said to me; oh, could not have been more wrong. ; somebody's been watching you; somebody's been watching your every move; somebody'...

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5. Surround

There's a little hope; In the little plans; The bells chime out today; In a major key; I took a walk outside; Listen to the sound of my step; Headed out of here; But you pulled us back one by one; So,...

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