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1. A New Dawn

Open wide before me; The gates to everlasting chaos; Make me see and hear how to; Consume the world in absolute darkness; I seek the truth the vengeance in my heart; The flame which burns for wisdom a...

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2. Devil In Me

For I’m the tool of him; To punish the weak observer; To strengthen the strong and to; Annihilate the weakness within; May God have mercy on your souls; For I will not; Fear me for what I am; A believ...

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3. Pactum Diaboli

I swear the oath to the blackest of the black; I drink the blood of the poisoned whore; Praise the one; Praise the lord; Praise hail Satan; Pactum Diaboli; A call for the dark to rise and grant me his...

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4. Seven Storms Of Doom

Chalice of chaos, chalice of end; Let thy Amards drown the earth; Ascend now from the twilight worlds; By time and space unbound; Ancient Serpent, god of death; Sovereign king, redeemer of all; Come y...

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5. Spawned By The Fires Below

We summon thee lord of all plagues; Grandeur of the ancient depths; Engulf this world with flames of malevolence; Bring the demise of this scorched earth; We summon thee from the deep seas of hatred; ...

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6. Ultimate Extermination

Open your eyes for the fall of mankind; No forgiveness no turning back; In a world of chaos spawned; The day to seal your fate is here; No deliverance only pure death awaits; Time to strike; Kill, kil...

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7. Unholy Sons Awakened

Now behold the raging coming; For centuries below the light; The strength of a thousand entities; Summoned by the words of hatred; Unleashed blackened abominations; The vengeance of the Gods; The eart...

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