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1. About The Flame And The Wind

In the origin the south; The flames prevails; It's the of life; That walks for millenniums; And extends it self to infinite; The wind comes from there; And unclasps in my mind; The light thought; Wind...

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2. Abyss Of Wisdom

What I want around myself; Is my will and my transcendent writs; At first I take the name of Satan; As a part of myself; Then I rule narcissus; And rejoice myself; On my wisdom that comforts me; Ah! I...

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3. Baphomet Shield

Upon the altar you are the figure expressing; The domain of the powerful; Behind the altar you are five points; And the magic inverted star; You are the essence of the dark nature; You are Baphomet; A...

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4. Dark Are The Ways

Dark are the ways; But in the dark ways there is light; In the dark and endless deep there is light; For the blind men there is never light; The path's color is ever black, for the blind men; There in...

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5. Desecration Of The Host

First invocation; Satan, Lucifer, Leviathan, belial; Save the obscurity forces; I beg of Satan, the infernal lord; I trust him the endless power; Satanic symbols are with me; I glorify the altar, the ...

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6. Dilacereting

You boys and girls who call yourselves Christians; In order to make sure; You're being slaughtered; By the slavery theogony; Your Gods, evasive, mute; Have no devotion; Neither will give you salvation...

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7. Egyptian Devils

- Typon; Oh, supreme master, you are production of my oasis; You are the temple of wisdom in the desert of myself; In analogy to the beasts; I am the dog and the lion; To destroy the enemies of the su...

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8. Grayish Land Of Desolation

In the grayish land of desolation; Was announced the end of the world; New mystics came over; They brought weapons and words; To the prophet's war; In the pages of revelation; There is fiction; But ab...

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9. Iao Treasury

Its like nothing; SO everything and everyone are included; In the dark and still night; Above, the adorned blue; Comes the manifestation; Men and women like stars; Bending right and left; In a burning...

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10. Invocation Of The World Of Horrors

The disseminator of blasphemes; Cruelly upon the miserable who follow Christ; Creatures invade the world; Preaching lust; The world is now of satanas; Satanas consecrate the star of five spikes; Alway...

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11. Mystical Woman

I hope the key; Analogous to the suffering and Scorn; Will never capture you; I hope the piety hall way you will never visit; I hope for you will never exist weeping; As it happened to the mother of f...

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12. Night Beasts

They are the eternal; Night fellows; They are upon the trees; Inside the caves; And in dark cities; They listen, sing, howl; In splendid harmony; With the voices of thunder; Ah, they are our brothers;...

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13. Satanic Metal Kingdom

We're left hand followers; Because Satan rule the earth; On command of the messenger of darkness; We begin our eternal ride; The obscurity doors are opening; Until we reach the abyss; We have to trium...

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14. The Call

Come... Come from the night; Come from the sea; With all the nymphs and satyrs; It's on me, on me; Oh, precious God; Existence aesthetics; Oh, Pan; Come; Strong as a Lion; Slender as a Serpent; Give m...

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