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1. Collisions

Place your fucking bets, fucking ante up. War of fucking wars, buildings burning up. Shit has hit the fan, what the fuck is up? Everyone is dead, everyone is.. dead!. ; Buildings burning up. nothing w...

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2. Death Of a Recreant

Worthless scum; Backstabbing traitor you will pay for what you have done; To turn you back on me; To cut the ties pours salt in the wound; You will never amounting to anything; Treacherous snake in th...

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3. Facial Desecration

Your life ends now; To be ended by my hand; Your life ends now; Just a waste of flesh; Plotting my every move to every step you take; Waiting for the chance to do my deed; Of defilement and murder; To...

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4. The Malevolent

The rich empowered fucking suit and tie; Is the reason we have to die; They follow one so called entity; A fucking shadow with a blatant identity; With no end to their greed; Quenched by all, all that...

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