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1. Crimson Dreams

Lonely days; Restless nights; Lovers play; Lovers fight; - chorus -; Shelter me from the echoes of screams; Awaken me from the dreams; Quiet time; Lovers kiss; Violent crime; Destroyed bliss; - chorus...

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2. Drag

Within grasp of an answer; One thousand years are lost; Wheels are turning; Crushing your skull; Pressure increase; Pressure increase; Machine of the mind in constant motion; Machine of the mind in co...

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3. Face It

Remembering back on your life; At a time things were different then; wasn't sure what time would bring; But you knew it couldn't be the same; The feelings you had, the power they held; Knew deep down ...

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4. In Waiting For

Long ago in the past; Between Heaven and Hell; A child was born on a rock; Afflicted son of mist; I'm waiting for your help; My bowels are rotting today; Don't take me rest of hope; I'm victim of awfu...

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5. Infernal Madness

My eyes see your figure; You come to big power; Your face is invisible; Show me now my way; Owner of my life; Owner of my mind; Well, now come! Where are you coming from? Do you come from Hell? Ave Sa...

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6. Let Them Die

Black darkened streets, walls of decay; "Why do they have to live this way?"; Show em lots of pity and give em support; "They can't help the way they are"; Take a life for a buck, maybe for kicks; "Th...

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7. Missing Children

The last house on the block; On a street in nowheresville; Picture in the Sunday paper; Police blockage neighbors didn't hear a thing; Flesh in the sink; Blood on the walls; Suicide cult - blood sacri...

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8. No Deals

Why do you think you have to; Put a chain on me; Why can't you let go; And just leave me be; Why does your life have to; Have so many rules; Just because we're happy; Doesn't mean we're fools; You can...

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9. Not Quite Sure

Well I don't know where I'm going; And I'm not sure where I've been; And I don't really feel like going outside; But I don't feel like staying in; The feelings I have and the words I say; Just aren't ...

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10. Religious Slaves

You pray for fear everynight; To God for calm existence; Your faith opens you Heaven; Your faith shows you Hell; You kill innocent animals; Hunger is stronger than love; You are slaves of lying priest...

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11. The Fighting For Life

You will fight and you must kill; Time of trial is coming now; They have given you bloody sword; You must fight for your life; You will live or you will die! Your sword is dripping with blood; Your fa...

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