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1. Bloodcraft

Bloodcraft -- A lethal ceremony held. I will soon be done. Reaping victims, one by one he hunts them down. I will soon be done; With my work of art! Deadly rite -- Bloodcraft. To stay alive -- Bloodcr...

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2. Bound To Bleed (for A Sacred Need)

The hunt is on in the early dawn. A wicked saint in vein. A peaceful night is soon to end. Let's fucking kill! Raging madness! Now death lies ahead! Trapped with panic! No getting away! Standing alone...

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3. Dark Closure

Torture -- A life in despair; Filled with hate and atrocity. Long time ago, a vision so clear. One by one, infecting the human race. The masquerade is done! The end of a holy war. I'm no longer astray...

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4. Death On Floor 44

Concrete Scrapes --; Monuments of greed reaching for the sky. Every sin incorporated --; To form some paradise. Every in intoxicated --; Excessive at any price. Death on floor 44; Blood covered walls ...

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5. Holy Murder Masquerade

A divided soul in pain, Scarred for life, forever damned. Haunted by demons --; A lifetime as prey. 40 Years of nightmares and unable to scream; Searching for a way to slay without disgrace; Now I kno...

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6. Purified By Fire

Burn you piece of shit, You worthless spawn of Hell! A human torch is lit to light me; The sacred Path. One day of suffering forever rest in peace. Death's cold hand is here, to set you free. Strapped...

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7. Slaughtertown Report

( this peaceful town. It appears like last night's killings could be; the work of a serial killer on the loose. And yet another horrible; murder occurred earlier today. Officials say that the poli...

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8. T.p.s

Bitch! Never again! This is the last time; You'll fight back again! Now's the time. You are mine. From now on you're dead with no soul. Breathe no more! Breathe no more! You beg me for mercy; All bloo...

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9. The Confession

Forgive me father for I will sin; May god forgive me; For what I have done; Once and for all 'm close to end it all; For years and years of pain; Deep despair and full of hate, I saw no light. Forgive...

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10. Three Of One

Oblivious in high spirits like any other day. Masked man waiting at the doorstep; For three of one to slay. Welcome home, Welcome back. Welcome to your brutal end. A violent force sweeps over them. In...

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