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1. Advent Of The Nuclear Baphomet

Appease the master for the time has come; Coronation - black ritual; Ignited skies - dreaded pyres; Abundant deaths, extinguished lives; Majestic beast of eternal terror; Lord of hordes, barbarian emp...

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2. At War With Temujin

Grand overlord of fire & fury, arise! To front again command your horde casting total demise! Satanic glory! Assemble the violent brave! Riding proud, fierce & fast; Fearless & unmerciful; Exterminati...

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3. Ave Satanas

Aeternum obscurum dominum glorificate! Satanae atram maletatem glorificate! Bringer of darkness, father of black; Messiah of fury, destroyer of gods; Wise general of demonic wrath; Hold proud the reig...

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4. Blood Ritual Defamation

Open wide the gates in praise of evil; Open wide the gates; conjuration; Altars of death, hunger for flesh; Altars of blood ritual defamation! Congregate in halls of sacrificial demise; Black mass - w...

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5. Dominator

Behold the powers unveiled; A call for death; Bearing bold banners of carnage; We march from hell; Sworn to annihilate & butcher; Storm with hate; This regiment commands intolerant death! Bold & armed...

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6. Dominion 18

18 years have come to past; And here I stand defying the light; My battalion forged in blasphemy; Threading the path of immorality; Battles fought and battles won; We rise up proud in a world of chaos...

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7. Legacy Of Savagery

Into the vortex of chaos; Aeons of eternal bloodbath; Art of barbarism; Descending storms of extermination; Uncouth & lawlessness; Willed to kill; Without compassion; We are the chosen ones; Continuin...

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8. Ravage & Conquer

Arise - demonic legions, flagellators; Horned sentinels, goat gladiators... Purge strength & power, domination; Loyal tyrants, will to conquer; Intolerance with vengeful vision; Allegiance sworn, subj...

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9. Reign The Vulture

Wings of torment descend! From the blackness high above, Into stench divine... Talons of iron and steel, Searing through flesh, Feast of the foul... ; Son of the dragon, Prince of wallachia, Renowned ...

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10. Revelation Decimation

Saviour unmighty saviour; Embodiment of fallen grace; Bastard birth of your existence; Deceit, dishonor, lies proclaimed; Doctrines of pure deception; Prophecies of shallow hope; Shackled tight to fal...

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11. Sacrifice

I summoned up the living dead; And demons in the skies; I drank from chalice warm and red; And watched the virgin die; Present at ungodly births in holy paradise; I spread eternal dark on earth; And r...

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12. Slaughterror Superiority

Worship war praise satan; Demonic riders of of the apocalypse; In ultimate satanic warfare; Elite regiments of chaos; Command total desecration; Diminished be the light of the 'savior' - jesus christ;...

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13. The Black Vomit

Choosed to be the offensor of christ; Evil, disgusting and bloody mind; He was belched forth of hell; To torment the son of god... ; Lucifer designate me to this work; Because I love to fuck you; Eat ...

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14. The Scourge Majesty

Sovereign master decimator; Exalted high above; Casting pestilence; Accelerate world demise; Imprecation... Exaltation... ; Plague king of terror; Coronation of the black goat; Deliverer of eternal su...

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15. War Crowned

Coronating the insurrection; Baptised in blood, I am the chosen son of annihilation; Destined for combat against jehovah & all adversaries; Armed & envenomed, wisdom on all tactics of war; Formation o...

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