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1. Beyond Ourselves

The world outside cries; You never hear; Many people dying, but you don't care; You got lost in yourself; And forgot the simplest of life; Now tell me, until when? [Chorus]; Our pain just evaporates; ...

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2. Imposing Light

Pain is the only comprehension; Of a hopeless soul; It doesn't matter how much I try; Alone I can't change my fate; Every time I look inside; I see many demons destroying my mind; Where can I go? (the...

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3. Inner Awakening

The spirit faded away; As well as the genuine expression; The hate spreads and creates a world without light; Despair (In all of us); Without the light of the conscience; To guide us; There's no stren...

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4. Memories from a Distant Past

I invoke my power for the last time; In this something below; I've never had time to contemplate the blue sky; Because the burden in my soul; Shows itself since I came; But with this wounded body, I g...

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5. Umbral

In the constant attempt; Of liberation; The road traveled; Is dark and treacherous; Prisoners of the void; Fighting against everything; As if there was no tomorrow (No tomorrow); Why such destruction?...

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6. Upside Down

I woke up in a different side; That I could never imagine that is real; I couldn't feel the touch of the world; Even less talking to those I loved; All my beliefs were fighting against me; And I had n...

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7. Words of Wisdom

You lived your life in a senseless state of a broken mind; In vain, in pride, your choices have made you empty inside; But now settle your soul; listen to these words as they make you whole; Rise up a...

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